Avadora Mimouni with The Faces of Her Collection Prestige Top Model

Designer Avadora Mimouni
Trisha Reddy
Alyssa Casa
Emma Falesto
Jenny Vle
Emma Falesto
Jessy Terry
Jessy Terry
Katelyn Parks
Summer Coleman
Madison Carter
Jennifer Yezin
Jennifer Yezin
Paris Zelyakovsky
Paris Zelyakovsky
Sarah Ramos
Sarah Ramos

Original Living Magazine

Dress @isabeloriginal
Hat @fleurdeparis.hats
Handbag #avadoramimounicollection
Shoes @louboutinworld
Makeup @makeoverartistry
Stylist @amyjorichards
 @stacymarksphotographer

Avadora Mimouni @ Cosmopolitan Top Model Nyfw2021


Avadora Mimouni

Photography Arturo Holmes (Getty Images)

Earrings Hasna Sal

Makeup Donna Sousa (makeoverartistry)

Avadora Mimouni Collection

Im so Excited about our Launch during NYCFW during Cosmopolitan Top Model.


Photography Aiza Beatriz

Avadora Mimouni Purse Collection 2020 Now Available

New Collection Now Available


Mua @ Cynthia Walker

Photography Aiza Beatriz

Avadora Mimouni & Cosmopolitan Top Model

Cosmopolitan New York Fashion Week Royal Point Laurie Malandro-Di Maio Wendi Casa Betty Emilianowicz Crystal this picture is everything Luis Omar Cajigas thank you for this capture . Casting for Super model , designer Avadora for Cosmopolitan New York Fashion week September. Ivonne Camacho P/R CEO @absolutmoderne for Avadora Mimouni Collection

Avadora Mimouni Collection Nyfw 2020


The Carol Galvin Foundation returns to @nyfw for our Women’s Cancer Fundraising Gala. Partnering with PR/CEO AbsolutModerne Ivonne Camacho @absolutmoderne and featuring the designs of the talented one of kind designer @reallifemanikin @manikinmob who is sponsored by the funny & talented @sommore also featuring Sarah Minervini @sirslingerie lingerie that empowers women,
We are also featuring the classy & beautiful luxury purses designed by Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni from her “Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection” with “The Models of Philanthropy 2” held @rumieventspace February 12th.
Book your tickets #Eventbrite Use Code: VIP for a discount
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The New Collection @ Avadora Mimouni Collection